“I was surprised at the demographic that the show was reaching. A significant portion was young, smart, well-read women; they really responded to this show and I typically relate to young, bright ladies [laughs]. It was nice to see how enthusiastic and passionate they were. And, also, happy in the face of the dark material. They found joy and hope in something that is arguably quite bleak. I found that really rewarding and as somebody who is a fan of many things myself, I appreciate and relate to being enthusiastic about a show you love. I think it’s wonderful.”

Bryan Fuller (via meganmachine)

Look at him being respectful.

Look at him recognizing the fannish enthusiasm of women in a way that doesn’t demean them, or bait them, or wink-wink-nudge-nudge them in a way that’s only just this side of mocking.

Look at him recognize the intelligence that goes hand in hand with goofy posts about randomly appearing stags and flower crowns on Will’s head.

Pay attention, creators, writers and show runners: this is how you talk about fans, especially female fans. This is how to not be a dick.

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if this is all just a d r e a m , why do you look so worried?
because i don’t remember  w a k i n g  u p.


Derek and Stiles having a “secret handshake” (at least, that’s what Stiles calls it to anyone that asks) where they hold up a hand and put each fingertip together in time

One, two, three, four, five. Making sure that this—a moment outside the school, bumping into each other in the grocery store, Stiles visiting to ask a question—is real.

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skype hasn’t mislead u friend, i was indeed born on this exact day twenty one glorious years ago, so thank you !!

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